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My experience performing on stage by Freddy Thompson-Moss


The nerves did not hit me as I thought they would but the audience was huge and I knew that we were the youngest and least experienced band on stage. I did not think this many people I invited would all turn up. However a lot did and supported me thoroughly whilst on stage.


The gig was at Hilly Fields on June 7th as a part of the Brockley Max festival. In the morning it was heavily raining. However it turned sunny just as the festival started. Other bands also performed in the festival and were all very talented.


I met my band mates through Felix School of Rock (a holiday club for children between the ages of 9-15 where they are put in temporary bands with 4 days to prepare a gig). We decided to be in a proper band that does gigs outside of Felix School of Rock so we could play more often. Every week I have to travel all the way to Dulwich to practice with my band for our upcoming gig.


After the gig I was feeling quite nervous. I knew I had made one or two mistakes. Some questions entered my head. Did people notice my mistakes? Did anyone else make mistakes? Did people expect us to make up our own songs? I felt a sigh of relief when people started congratulating me and the others in my band.


We will be playing at Hilly Fields again over the summer.

Watch us on 


Freddy Thompson-Moss (All Saints Blackheath, Year 5) – Guitar / vocals

Harry Jack – Guitar/vocals

Liberty Jack - vocals

Jamie Pugh - bass

Albie Oliver – drums

 No Dancing Dads is a graduate band of Felix School of Rock (


JAMES’ BLOG #2: Wood turning


For Christmas, I received a present from my mum and dad. It was to go and see a man who had been in an exhibition on wood turning. He sold everything he had made, and gave the money to a charity called Freedom from Torture.

Setting Up

Two weeks later I went to Michael Maisey’s  (the man who held the exhibition) house, later on after I had lunch we set to work. First of all we gathered up the equipment and set it up. Next we assembled 10 or 11 tools to work with.

Starting Work

To start, we found a slice of wood about as thick as a man’s forearm and put it on the chuck.  The chuck is a piece of kit that you fix onto a strong motor. Also the chuck clutches the wood with four vice attachments whilst rotating at a vast speed. Michael then grabbed a few tools and chisels and leant them on a metal pole then started up the spinning chuck. As soon as the chuck started and the chisel was on the wood, splinters of wood were sent flying and my vase began to take shape!

Involving Me

Next we were on to the sanding. This was my favourite section of our vase. He told me to hold the sandpaper stretched between my hands.

Finishing Off

To finish off we clothed the vase in a special wax and left it to dry. Then Michael helped me with some knives I had whittled earlier with my Swiss Army knife. He covered the blade of my wooden knife and sprayed black paint on the handle. By then the vase had dried, ready to take home. I was astounded by the finished result!



James Y5 03.02.14


Young Voices


Young Voices raises money for charities by bringing together children from

Years 5 and 6 from all over the UK to sing and dance in huge arenas.  This

year All Saints performed at the O2 on Thursday 30 January. There were 7612

children there and we had loads of fun!


We sang a variety of songs including Mr Blue Sky, The Lord's Prayer/African

Sanctus and a couple of medleys of pop songs, folk songs and songs about the



We also listened to songs from the new albums of Stacey Solomon, Keith

Semple and Wayne Ellington and performed with all three!


Lastly, we watched Urban Strides do their amazing street dance and performed

with them too!


We had an exciting experience and can't wait to go back next year.


By Catherine Welfare 


Stellated dodecahedrons

I am in Year 5. These are the things I enjoy doing: building, constructing and engineering.

In our maths lessons we were studying 3-D shapes. We were working out what shapes some nets would make. (A net is a diagram on paper which you cut out and fold and glue to make a certain shape.) First when I noticed Mr Tucker on the computer at lunchtime I asked what he was doing.

He told me he was looking at nets of shapes. I was intrigued by this so I decided to build one. Mr Tucker helped me choose. In the end I came up with a shape called a stellated dodecahedron because it looked fascinating and I had never heard of it before.

Next Mr Tucker tried constructing a particularly sophisticated shape. Despite his best efforts he still struggled to glue the edges and vertices together correctly!

When I started making I was confused too. At first I was confused about which part stuck to which but gradually, as I progressed, it became easier Finally, when I’d finished, I was very proud with the end result.

Do you remember at Praise Assembly when I told everyone what the name of my shape was?


This is a stellated dodecahedron I made at home.


My next blog will be about something else I’ve made.

By James Guest (Year 5)


The school council meet Sir Steve Bullock


The school council recently visited our local Mayor. We gained access to the civic suite, entering not only the council chamber, but the Mayor’s Parlour too.



We met one of the junior mayor candidates, Faith Estafo, and the programme was explained to us.The junior mayor is a teenager who represents all of the young people in Lewisham. He/she can propose how to spend £30,000 on helping Lewisham’s young people over the course of a year.


After that, we met Sir Steve Bullock and he answered our questions. We found out that when he was in primary school he wanted to be an author! He also asked us how we had been elected as a school council. He had been elected in much the same way as the ASB school council! He had explained to the public what he wanted to do, and then people voted for him.


By Catherine Welfare (Year 5)



The carnival happened on Wednesday 10 th June and was enjoyed by everyone.

Every child had made a fantastic costume, Year one have done exceptionally well, for their beautiful sunflower costumes were burnt in the fire,so they had to be frogs instead. Year six were sweets (or 'Pick and Mix' as their bright banner proclaimed). Year five were birds of paradise. Year four were smashing structures (buildings,towers and suchlike). Year three were insects, arachnids and mini-beasts.Year two were Amazonian creatures such as monkeys, blue macaws and butterflies. There were some great frog masks from Year one and Reception's under the sea theme was amazing.

The children arrived in appropriate clothes at 5:00 and then the parade started at 5:30. Afterwards there was a performance by each class featuring drums, dance and chants.

I hope the carnival was as much fun for our audience as it was for us.

Have an amazing summer and see you next term.


Young Voices