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18th October 2014

All Saints’ Primary School Saturday Football Club – Saturday 18th October 2014

Y4 & Y6 have League games this week - training for all other teams

Our session runs from 10am to 11:30 on the heath, between the School and the Church.

Still quite warm but rain is forecast so a light-weight waterproof top is needed.


  • try to arrive 10-15 minutes before so that we can begin on time
  • make sure you bring along a cold drink, preferably water
  • bring a light-weight waterproof


 Lewisham Primary Schools League

The relevant team coaches will advise of the kick-off times for the matches and the time that you must arrive.

Note that if you have a 10:00 kick-off this will need to be much earlier than normal!


All Saints’ Kit

Can all players with All Saints’ kit please wear this for training so we can determine what extra is needed this season.


Boots and Pads

 Young feet grow quickly, so please donate any old football boots and shin-pads still in good condition to the boot bag. This is pretty full at the moment with a range of sizes.


Andrew Newham, Head Coach

Mobile: 0771 471 8916