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All Saints Blackheath Church of England Primary School

Educating the saints of today for the world of tomorrow
Life at All Saints Blackheath


Current diary dates

  • Add Easter holidays to your calendar8 Apr 19 to 22 Apr 19 - Easter holidays
  • Add School reopens for children to your calendar23 Apr 19 - School reopens for children
  • Add 2.30pm Easter service to your calendar23 Apr 19 - 2.30pm Easter service
  • Add 9am Y6 forum to your calendar24 Apr 19 - 9am Y6 forum
  • Add 9am Y5 forum to your calendar25 Apr 19 - 9am Y5 forum
  • Add 9am Y4 forum to your calendar26 Apr 19 - 9am Y4 forum
  • Add 9am Y1 forum to your calendar29 Apr 19 - 9am Y1 forum
  • Add 9am Y3 forum to your calendar30 Apr 19 - 9am Y3 forum
  • Add 9am Y2 Purple forum to your calendar1 May 19 - 9am Y2 Purple forum
  • Add 9am Y2 Yellow forum to your calendar2 May 19 - 9am Y2 Yellow forum
  • Add 9am Rec forum to your calendar3 May 19 - 9am Rec forum
  • Add Y5 School Journey to Chichester to your calendar8 May 19 to 10 May 19 - Y5 School Journey to Chichester
  • Add KS2 SATs week to your calendar13 May 19 to 16 May 19 - KS2 SATs week
  • Add Summer Fair to your calendar18 May 19 - Summer Fair
  • Add Half term holiday to your calendar27 May 19 to 31 May 19 - Half term holiday
  • Add INSET day to your calendar3 Jun 19 - INSET day
  • Add School reopens for children to your calendar4 Jun 19 - School reopens for children
  • Add 9am Ascension Mass to your calendar6 Jun 19 - 9am Ascension Mass
  • Add Y6 School Journey to your calendar10 Jun 19 to 14 Jun 19 - Y6 School Journey
  • Add Great Get Together to your calendar21 Jun 19 - Great Get Together
  • Add Sports Day to your calendar4 Jul 19 - Sports Day
  • Add Whole school trip to the park to your calendar12 Jul 19 - Whole school trip to the park
  • Add 2:15pm Leavers service to your calendar18 Jul 19 - 2:15pm Leavers service
  • Add 1.15pm School finishes to your calendar19 Jul 19 - 1.15pm School finishes

Adding dates to your calendar

Individual Dates
Add dates to your calendarClick the relevant icon to add individual diary dates to your calendar.
In Outlook you will need to click the 'Save' button.

All Dates
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