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Curriculum - Approach and Content


Curriculum approach

We believe that all children should be in an environment that will enable them to reach their full potential and develop the skills to be confident life-long learners.

How do we do this?

Through a creative and rich learning environment, we provide opportunities for collaborative work, risk taking, team-leading and self-directed learning. We also promote the use of higher order thinking skills in order to facilitate the ability to problem solve.

What does this look like?

  • Articulate and confident children who can generate and explain their ideas and reasoning;
  • Children who are able to persevere and overcome obstacles;
  • Self-motivated learners who look for opportunities to improve;
  • Children who are self-aware and aware of the needs of others;
  • Children who actively seek opportunities to take responsibility within the school.


Curriculum content

The curriculum at All Saints’ C of E Primary School is ever-evolving taking into account the needs of modern society. We provide opportunities and experiences for children to learn and develop key life skills through a context based, cross curricular approach. As many children will be entering jobs and starting careers that have yet to be created or imagined, our curriculum aims to address the need to be a flexible, self-motivated learner. As a Church of England school, Religious Education is taught as a discrete subject but topic links are made wherever possible.

Curriculum Intent Statement 

 PDF icon Reception curriculum

 PDF icon Year 1 curriculum

 PDF icon Year 2 curriculum

 PDF icon Year 3 curriculum

 PDF icon Year 4 curriculum

 PDF icon Year 5 curriculum

 PDF icon Year 6 curriculum


We follow Chris Quigley's Essentials Curriculum (please click here for his website). For more details, please contact who will forward your email to the curriculum leader best able to help you.

Please click here for more details about reading at All Saints'.