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All Saints Blackheath

Our Church School

How do we care for, nurture and educate our children – and in doing so, what messages do we give them? As a Church school  all staff have a unique opportunity to model Christian values to children and parents.

 Our vision is underpinned by our Mission Statement

         Educating the saints of today for the world of tomorrow

Jesus tells us (John 14, 1 – 6) that ‘He is the Way, the Truth and the Life’. In order to understand more deeply the power and wonders of the world in which we are set and the people that we are (Christians believe), made in the image of God’s Love, we need to find our Way to that Truth to share in eternal Life.

Education has always been regarded as a priority in our human community and for Christians that adventure and journey comes to shape the Way (our shared pilgrimage together) that leads to a fuller apprehension of the eternal verities and so builds up our common Life.

 On November 19 2014 Pope Francis reminded pilgrims at an audience Rome;

 “We are all called to be saints but we must remember that holiness is a gift from God - not something we can achieve on our own. Holiness is not granted only to those who have the opportunity to break away from ordinary tasks, to devote themselves to prayer. Rather, everyone is called to holiness in their own state of life.

Indeed, it is by living with love and offering Christian witness in our daily tasks that we are called to become saints… Always and everywhere you can become a saint, that is, by being receptive to the grace that is working in us and leads us to holiness.”

We believe that the ethos of our school helps remind all members of the community, staffs as much as pupils, parents and governors, to be aware that this offers a perspective for our learning together, that is aspirational in searching for goals in the future while remaining true to the inheritance of the saints in glory.

The regular observation of a Calendar of Saints Days not only commits us to the steady pattern of the prayer and praise of the Church worldwide but provides many examples of those whose lives in the past have become Christ-centred to a degree that they are recognised by others as signposts on the Way to the world of tomorrow. 

 Father Nicholas


Across the whole school day and across the whole curriculum we show our pupils how this narrative makes a difference. In everything we do, in all our documentation, in the school organisation and management, it should be obvious that the school and its associated values; Responsibility, Thankfulness, Peace, Agape, Faithfulness, Self Control, Kindness, Koinonia, Hope, Goodness, Generosity. Joy and Self Control are unique and have an impact on young lives,  in order that they shine and achieve success and well-being.

Comment from most recent SIAMS report

“Leaders at all levels ensure that the schools mission statement, ‘Educating the saints of today for a world of tomorrow’ and its distinctive Christian values are at the heart of the school. They are articulated and lived out exceptionally well by the whole school community.  Pupils are engaged and enthused by the richly planned and creatively delivered Religious Education (RE) curriculum. Consequently, progress is outstanding.  Collective worship is Bible based, deeply Christian and highly inclusive of all. It has a significant effect on the lives of the whole school community. “

SIAMS November 2017