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All Saints Blackheath

Our School Song

Our School mission is  to educate the saints of today for the world of tomorrow and is celebrated this through our school song written by ex pupils Rebecca Stewart, Ellie Newham and Violet Baron .

1. Let’s all join together

in our school family,

To set a good example and

show others how to be.

Together in our friendships

we show others the way,

To be kind to each other

and grow stronger every day.



We are the saints, the saints of today,

Finding our way for the world of tomorrow. (repeat)


2. By encouraging each other

to know right from wrong,

To try to be courageous

and help others not so strong.

We try to do the best we can

in every single way

To persevere and not give up

and do it come what may.




3. Let’s all work together,

to create a better world,

A world where no one starves or thirsts,

school for every boy and girl,

Farmers are paid fair amounts

for all the work they do,

Let’s make a better world,

a world for me and you.