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Life at All Saints Blackheath



There are three broad categories of entry:

  • Looked After Children
  • Foundation Places 
  • Open Places.  

The School has a one form entry with a capacity of 30.


Applying to All Saints’

Reception Class Admissions

Your Local Authority will have a Starting Schools booklet detailing the processes and schools available within their authority. This may be accessible on their website. Details about All Saints’ will be found in the Lewisham Starting Schools guide. If you are applying for a church place (Foundation Place) you will need to fill in a supplementary form which your local clergy should complete and return to school. This can be obtained from the school or is available below.

Casual admissions and admissions during the year

In the first instance you should always contact your home Local Authority and ask to speak to admissions. They will be able to advise you what you should do next: All Saints’ cannot offer places directly the offer must come from the Local Authority.


Admission Arrangements for Pupils with SEN and Disabilities (SEND)

Parents who wish to apply to our school on the basis that their child has a special educational need or disability may apply for a medical / social place, under the Open Category of our Admission Policy.


Prospective parents

There are a number of prospective parents meetings arranged in the Autumn term to give you an opportunity to see the school in action and meet the children. Where possible Year 6 will give you a uncensored tour! Please feel free to ask them anything. If you are unable to attend or are starting school at a different time during the year, please contact the school to arrange a visit.

See the polices below for definitions and further details:

PDF icon Admissions policy 2019-20

PDF icon Supplementary Form for Foundation (Church) places

PDF icon  Please click here to see the parish boundary

Web icon Please click here for more information from Lewisham about starting school.



Admissions data for pupils starting Reception in 2017


This table gives details of the total number of on-time applications to the school, and shows how the places were originally allocated in accordance with the published admissions criteria.






Number of Applications

Number Offered

FOUNDATION (18 places to offer)


Looked After Children




Children whose parents/carers are regular practising worshippers at one of the Relevant Churches with a sibling attending the School and who will be still be on the School roll at the proposed date of entry of the applicant.




Children whose parents/carers are regular practising worshippers at one of the Relevant Churches.




Children whose parents/carers are regular and practising worshippers at one of the churches included in the membership of Ecumenical Bodies in Churches Together in Britain and Ireland or the Evangelical Alliance.



Furthest distance offered 942.42m


Other Foundation Applications

Applications made under this criteria but with insufficient supplementary evidence







OPEN PLACES (8 places to offer)


The presence of a sibling in the School who will be on the School roll at the proposed date of entry of the applicant.



Furthest distance offered  1494.14 m


Children with an exceptional and professionally supported medical or social need. This must be supported by written evidence at the time of application, e.g, from a specialist health professional, social worker or other care professional. The evidence must set out the reasons why this school is the most suitable school and the difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend another school


Insufficient evidence received to confirm that AS was the most suitable school.

All applications were ranked under criterion 4



Children who live within the parish of All Saints’ Church, Blackheath.



Other children in order of proximity of home to the school.

122 + 5 (soc/med)












 Prospective parent meetings

Our prospective parent meetings are held in the Autumn term. You don't need to sign up, just turn up on the day!

We look forward to showing you around!

Prospective parent meeting dates for this year are:

Monday 29th October 2018 2pm

Wednesday 7th November 2018 10am

Tuesday 4th December 2018 2pm