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All Saints Blackheath

School Development Plan 2023-2024

The School Improvement Plan outlines how we aim not only to maintain but to raise school standards and performance. The plan is organised into four sections (Outcomes for Pupils; Teaching, Learning & Assessment; Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare and Leadership & Management) which are considered and improved as an ongoing process. As school improvement planning is a continuous process, it will alter as a result of evaluation and review which happens throughout the year.


School Development Plan 2023-2024

School Development Plan 2022-2023

School Improvement Priorities 2020-2021

Government Driven Initiatives

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Personal Development, Behaviour And Welfare

Outcomes for Pupils

To continue to develop a broad, balanced curriculum whilst maintaining high standards for all.


To use the OFSTED 2019 criteria (as it unfolds) to drive the strategic direction of the school, mindful of our vision and ethos at all times




All Leaders

To be able to articulate the Intent, Implementation and Impact of their specific areas of responsibility.


To continue to develop networks at every level to challenge, moderate  and in particular develop the network for Peer-to-Peer review.


Senior Leaders

SLT to ensure that the learning experiences meet the needs of the community and any safeguarding concerns.


Subject Leaders

Further enhance subject knowledge for high quality professional development to secure outstanding outcomes for all pupils.



To ensure that the children in EYFS have an excellent learning environment so that 85%  reach a good level of development.



Governors to develop their understanding and of the quality of the provision for children and staff and to ensure financial stability, monitoring and challenging the financial reports and exploring ways to raise funds.

Teaching and Learning

To continue to explore strategies that link areas of learning thus reinforcing understanding through different subject areas.



Develop the curriculum so that assessment opportunities are developed with a consistency for all subjects in all years.

Continue to trial White Rose Maths and Assertive Mentoring as diagnostic tools and to raise the standards in maths.



To raise the profile of the arts and use the STEAM approach to develop, embed and enrich a broad and balanced curriculum.



To embed rigorous play-based approach in the inside and outside learning environment that promotes high engagement all pupils.by

Pupil attitudes

To continue to develop independence, resilience and perseverance in giving children the opportunity to problem solve in all areas of the curriculum and to continue to grow outdoor/adventurous  learning.

To ensure that the behaviour of children is the best it can be at all times.


Mental Health & Well-being

To develop therapeutic services and explore mental health and well-being strategies to support all children and members of staff.

Identify further opportunities for parents, staff and pupils to have a voice.


Continue to inform all stakeholders in statutory and best practice.

Develop an online system of recording.

To continue to develop Digital Leaders to promote online safety across the school and to support parents in their understanding to keep their child(ren) safe.

To continue to focus on children in EYFS, KS1 & KS2 achieving outstanding outcomes - with at least 85% at age expectations and with achievement at Greater Depth above national and Lewisham averages.


Combined RWM in line and aiming for 85% at age expectations and that attainment in other areas of the curriculum is comparable with standards reached in RWM.


To ensure there is cultural capital gains for all, through the systematic use of higher level vocabulary, especially vulnerable groups of children, aiming to close the gap further.