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All Saints Blackheath

What You Have Said

When you attended Progress evening in October, you were provided with a Parent/Carer questionnaire to provide you with an opportunity to feed back to us on your views and ideas on how the school is working for your child/children.


Questionnaires were issued for every child (211) and we received 75 responses back.  On the basis of numbers of children, this is a 35% response rate but if we consider it on the basis of families, this is circa 50% response.  Either way, we thank you for the time taken to complete the questionnaire, the feedback is extremely valuable in considering how we continue to develop our school.


There is a brief summary of the data collected and as you will see from the high level statistics, this tells us a very positive story.  However, as a school, we continuously seek improvement and our goal will be to improve the numbers from Agree to Strongly Agree in some of these areas.

 PDF icon Summary statistics

In addition to the quantitative questions, we asked you a number of other questions around various “topic” areas:

  • Enrichment
  • School Masses
  • Sport
  • Dealing with issues
  • Extended provision
  • Good and Even Better If…


The staff and governors came together on 5 December for their annual Self Review day, an opportunity to consider together how the school is doing both in respect of academic attainment and wider school life.  We spent a proportion of our time going through the feedback and considering Areas to Celebrate, Issues to consider further and short and medium term actions.  You will see a summary of this below.

 PDF icon Summary feedback and actions

Thank you again for the time taken to complete the questionnaire and of course, you don’t need to wait until the annual survey to give us your views and ideas.