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Saturday Football Club 12/10/13

All Saints’ Primary School Saturday Football Club – Saturday 12th October 2013


The Saturday Football Club will meet on Saturday 12th October on the heath (at the usual place between the School and the Church) at 10am.  Please


  • try to arrive 10-15 minutes before so that we can begin on time
  • make sure you bring along a cold drink, preferably water, and
  • make sure that you wear shin-pads for protection
  • make sure you bring something warm and waterproof to put on when you are not playing and should the weather be bad  


All Years


All Year Groups will have training sessions.


Lewisham League


The Lewisham League begins this Saturday with a small number of matches starting at 10.00 on the heath.  All Saints does not have any matches this week. 


Year 6, Year 5 and Year 4 (two teams) are entered in the Lewisham League and will play in the A League Group 1, B League and C League respectively.  Fixtures are organised from week to week and will be announced on the website. 


All Saints Football Kit


Each player should have a shirt, shorts and socks provided by the club.  All players should wear this kit for training sessions and for matches.  Please do not wear other strips e.g. your favourite team.


We are still not able to determine how many new kits we need to buy. To do so, players need to wear or bring with them on Saturday whatever All Saints football kit they have, including any that is now too small so that this can be recycled.  




We have a boot bag for boots that no longer fit.  Please bring along any old boots you have and hand them to your Year coach.


Parents and carers


All parents or carers to complete a new consent form, with contact details and permission for their child to take part in the club’s activities.  A downloadable version is posted on the website.  Please make sure the forms are signed and returned to the relevant Year coach as soon as possible. 



David Bolt, Head Coach


Mobile 07775333918